Sunday, 20 February 2011

Designers on the Drugs

In a moment of alcoholic clarity, some gifted designers came up with the following ideas:

Shape Ups versus High-heeled Crocs


... umm ...

What the fuhuck.

(Side note - I tried for, like, 20 minutes to make those shoes the same size and it's not working - another strike against these monstrosities).

I can see the logic in Shape Ups helping to lose weight - sort of. If you spend a ridiculous amount of money on fugley shoes (about NZD$199 minimum), then you will want to use them. Extra exersize = lost weight.
On the flipside though, who would want to wear these outside of the house? ... Probably someone who would wear them with jeans *nightmere*.

Shape Ups can kind of (but not really) be justified in that they are targetting a neiche market - quick-fix-wanting fashionably challenged individuals with too much money - but high-heeled Crocs??

No. No no no no no. Crocs have the whole "I'm-comfortable-so-I'm-allowed-to-be-hidi" thing going on. Adding heels throws this out the window. Heels are for looks, not comfort, so this basically goes against nature. It's hard to even describe how much I hate these. Walking tack.

So, Shape Ups versus Heeled crocs... you vote. Either way though, you lose.

PS. I know this isn't something "I Want" I'n Palmy, but it is something that I have to look at here. Tards.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Here is how I'm popping the blog cherry...

So I wanted to make a blog that links to a bunch of cool shit while projecting a casual quasi-sarcastic apathy about stuff. Turns out I'm not that cool, so I wrote this on Notepad to channel 1980's computer-geek - feeling tres retro (aka. awesome) now so here is my first link to something pretty sweet.

Helena Bonham Carter. Vanity Fair, March 2011. 'Nuf said.