Sunday, 20 February 2011

Designers on the Drugs

In a moment of alcoholic clarity, some gifted designers came up with the following ideas:

Shape Ups versus High-heeled Crocs


... umm ...

What the fuhuck.

(Side note - I tried for, like, 20 minutes to make those shoes the same size and it's not working - another strike against these monstrosities).

I can see the logic in Shape Ups helping to lose weight - sort of. If you spend a ridiculous amount of money on fugley shoes (about NZD$199 minimum), then you will want to use them. Extra exersize = lost weight.
On the flipside though, who would want to wear these outside of the house? ... Probably someone who would wear them with jeans *nightmere*.

Shape Ups can kind of (but not really) be justified in that they are targetting a neiche market - quick-fix-wanting fashionably challenged individuals with too much money - but high-heeled Crocs??

No. No no no no no. Crocs have the whole "I'm-comfortable-so-I'm-allowed-to-be-hidi" thing going on. Adding heels throws this out the window. Heels are for looks, not comfort, so this basically goes against nature. It's hard to even describe how much I hate these. Walking tack.

So, Shape Ups versus Heeled crocs... you vote. Either way though, you lose.

PS. I know this isn't something "I Want" I'n Palmy, but it is something that I have to look at here. Tards.


  1. Ew ew ew ew ewwww!!
    Slash Hahahahahaha.
    This made me laugh out loud. lol.
    Who the? What the? whyyyyyyy???
    It does make you wonder if somewhere in the world, someone is sitting back having a great old time, thinking of the most hideous things imaginable and then laughing as they rake in the cash as people buy them.
    Seriously though, whyyy?
    Very exciting looking blog Gemma :) Will be waiting for the next post.

  2. Clever marketing really, target the masses. I'm not going to generalise New Zealand as a people but the 'average' kiwi is not likely to be too concerned about fashion - they are more likely to be influenced by what Janet down at the fruit & veg shop swears by, and what is likely to be comfortable.

    In saying that, these things quickly turn into 'has beens'. Take the shape ups for a good example: they'll get purchased, worn a few times and after two 20 minute runs the wearer will be disgusted that they haven't lost 10kg and co-currently realise that they don't look very cool at all. Think they'll get worn again? Nope.

    I think the Croc-Heels are pretty disgusting but more likely to be worn than the shape ups. But I think they'll suffer the same fate as Powerbands..widespread ridicule causing death.

    That saying though, all it would take was an A lister to wear these heels out and they'd go off. Flipside: chances of this happening = 0.