Monday, 21 November 2011

I lost the bet.

"I will not start a blog and lose interest really really quick."

Well, I did. 

Blogging is like sex. It's all exciting and new at first, until you do it. Then it's overrated, anticlimactic and (when you have to force your friends into reading it), hurts. I'm sure it keeps running along the parallel and get's a lot better, but at the moment my material is like a boring lover and is just not keeping me entertained. So I'm reverting to lists until I get my wit back, because lists I can do.

5 Things I Miss From the 90's:
NB. This list shows exactly why I come across as a nerd, even when I pretend I'm not.
i. Putting pictures and games into neatly organized files on 5 1/4" floppy discs
ii. Netscape
iii. Ask Jeeves
vi. Trading cards
v. Neopets.

This is my Neopet. It was named after a boyfriend at the time. FML.

Next list: Favourite pranks I've pulled on workmates. Goodluck, suckers.

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